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Poster: 2dose Date: Dec 4, 2005 4:04am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Space Cadet of Circumstance......Babbling in a Trance

I gotta agree with you deesee. This stuff is to precious to let it it trickle out at snails pace. The Dead should hook us all up with the music as quickly as possible. The shame of it all is that we have the resources but nobody is keeping it flowing w/o interuption. I'm glad I got what I could off the Archives. Not all of it was SBDs. Too many stompped on tapes w/ hiss and other problems. The Archives did clean up many boards and audience recordings though. It' a shame that Bob Weir or who ever was responsible for this action to put a halt to downloading SBDs don't realize that if it were not for us grizzled audiophiles and archivists heads out there, there wouldn't be any interest at all. We have been supportive of the dead and it's family for years and this is the pay off? I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that get's every decent thing that the Dead put's otu officially. What's wrong with you guys? If it's all about the money, then go sit down with a finacila planner and get to work on making what you've earned all these years more profitable. If you really think your far worst off then when the Grateful Dead had Jerry and were touring around like crazy, your mistaken man. The surving members to my knowledege are doing pertty good for themselves. They're not out on the street starving for Pete's sake. There's a lot of people out there who wouldn't let that happen. If any of the Dead members are reading this post I hope you guys understand that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Without us there's no you and vice versa. I would personally like to leave Phil Lesh out of this though. Phil your truely the one left who see's things clearly. Thank you for being grounded to our community and always being such a Rock and Roll Gentelman. I tip my hat off to ypu Sir and thanks for providing us all with DSBD downloads of your shows ( what's the matter Bobby is that going to cut into your profit if you put your shows on your site as DSBD downloads? Paaalease!) In my minds eye there's only two ways to make everybody happy.
1.) The Dead start a web site that's like their vault with the ability to download a certain amount(5 or less) of shows for a small fee like $10 to $15 and unlimited amount for $30-$40 but with some kind of cap like let's say no more than 20 shows.The shoes must be left untouched, just left in their original form and converted to DAT/CDR only stuff that's audible enough to enjoy that needs just a little EQ or editing (David Lemioux no need for you to get involved stick to the Dick's Picks and let somebody crank this stuff out in it's rawness(this will save time).)
2.) Let the Archives go back to the way it was, free downloads Aud and SBD.
I know a lot of you will think option one is going against what all the contreversy is about but I think it's probably IMHO what's going to happen eventually. This was going to happen with the Terrapin Station projet, remember that one folks? And yeh, I know there's gonna be a lot of stuff left out if they only put out the audible ones, but why do you want to listen to stuff that's not going to sound good in the first place. I would rather have a good AUD tape if I really want a particular show so bad and the SBD wasn't available. As for option 2, well let's just say that we all will be for ever Grateful if that was the case. I'll be happy either way man.

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Poster: tigerbolt Date: Dec 4, 2005 5:36am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Space Cadet of Circumstance......Babbling in a Trance

does this mean phil,mickey and billy are going to donate the money they get from bob's actions? bob takes the heat and the rest of the band gets the cash and look like the kind heads. spring 1993 chapel hill phil fines dan healy for letting tapers tap into the board.The next night healy ask the tapers to write a letter to phil because he was the only one in the band upset with what he stop kidding yourself about the rest of the band.